Online Tech Education

Learn the ins-and-outs of Blockchain technology, crypto currencies, and NFT’s through e-courses and live workshops.

Web 3 Incubation

Access to our blockchain team to solve your needs with marketplaces, smart contracts, NFTs, and more…with confidence.

NFT with Utility

Unlock real world innovative technology and business applications for today’s marketplace.

Cause Driven

Providing global causes a platform to fund technology implementation to maximize future growth.

Crypto E-Commerce

Develop and implement a crypto payment system for your business or organization.

Phase 1

Building our Community Discord, Facebook, Twitter Education Courses

Phase 3

Platinum NFT Launch
Tech Platform Development
Causes Platform Development

Phase 5

Gold Generosity Event
Silver NFT Launch
Launch Community Causes

Phase 2

Finalize NFT Benefits
NFT Creation
Alpha NFT Launch

Phase 4

Platinum Generosity Event
Gold NFT Launch
Business Solution Services

Phase 6

Grand Generosity Celebration
Project Stable Coin
Future Metaverse Project

Tech For Causes is lead by a team of Entrepreneurs, Business Solution Architects, AI Experts and Blockchain Application Developers.

Behind the Execution Team is an Advisory Board with over 100 years in combined missions, community outreach, nonprofit and faith based organizational experience.

  • Eric Chia

  • Jimmy Ezzell

  • Chris Chia

  • Jayden Frantz

  • Jennifer Kempfer-Norris

  • Samik Chakraborty

  • Gary Kendall

  • Steve Drury

  • Mark Blackburn

  • Eric Rochester

  • Lorrell Winfield

  • Subhamay Sur